Llama Purichiq video (English)

Llama Purichiq video (18 min)

Llama Purichiq (English) from Nico Tripcevich on Vimeo.

Video Credits

"Llama Purichiq" -

Llama caravan driving in southern Peru

Thank you to our friends and informants

Fidel Cruz Anco
Tadeo Ancco Cabana
Virginia Gutiérrez
Rómulo Cruz
Raúl Ancco
Others in Huarhua, Pampamarca, and Calcauso

Video, photography, and field research by

Félix Palacios Ríos
Edison Mendoza Martinez
Cheyla Samuelson
Nicholas Tripcevich

Video edited by: Nicholas Tripcevich 2007

Funded by: A grant from the Howard Heinz Fund for Latin American Archaeology
Project Director: Nicholas Tripcevich
Project Co-director: Willy Yepez Alvarez

Special thanks to

Catalina Borda Cáceres (Hatunhuasi, Cotahuasi)
Augusto Cardona (CIARQ)
Tarek Milleron
Steve Wernke
Justin Jennings
The many others who provided us with support and advice

UC Santa Barbara Anthropology and the Archaeological Research Facility at UC Berkeley

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