Feb 12 - Wenke and Olszewski 292-316

This is a relatively dense reading but give it close attention because this assignment sets the theoretical stage for the rest of the quarter. We will be returning to the themes in this reading. Answer two of the following three questions in a two part answer of 200 words each. 1. Compare two of the themes described in the pages 293-298 (Architecture, Mortuary evidence, Functional differentiation, or Settlement Patterns) with some of the nine processes listed at the end of the Haas 2001 reading (pp 16-17). 2. How does Marvin Harris' application of Marxian theory differ from that of Friedman and Rowlands? Be sure to read the passage from Marx as well (it relates well to this course, yet Capital was written in 1867!). Does Harris' approach have advantages for archaeologists in terms of empirical evidence? 3. Compare Trigger's synthesis with the models described in Brumfiel and Earle's approach.