Jan 12 - Wenke and Olszewski 2007, Chapter 2 (pp. 41-72)

You won't need to hand in these reading questions until class on Wed, Jan 17. Please note that you'll also have questions from the subsequent reading (Patterson, 1997) due then as well.

Answer two of the following three questions in a two part answer of at least 400 words.

1. The archaeological record informs models of the past human activity, describe two different examples from Ch 2 of evidence contributing to generalized models about human behavior in an anthropological sense.

2. How does a “problem-oriented” approach aid in making sure archaeological research advances our understanding of the past instead of just providing laundry lists of artifacts and ancient features?

3. What types of materials can be dated with the carbon-14 dating method, and how does dendrochronology contribute correction curves for more accurate carbon-14 dating results?