Jan 24 - Wenke and Olszewski 247-261

Origins of agriculture in the Old World, reading questions. Wenke and Olszewski, pp. 247-261.

Answer two of the following three questions in a two part answer of no more than 400 words. You can email the responses to me at tripcevich@anth.ucsb.edu, if you wish.

1. According to Chapter 6, what were the most important plant food sources found at sites in Egypt, the Levant, and the Yangtze Valley, and what are the earliest dates associated with evidence of the domestication of these crops?

2. Describe the link between Flannery's concept of food storage in the transition from "compound" to "village" in community architecture and the importance of storage and sedentism for human population growth (female fertility) that was described earlier in Chapter 6.

3. Which of the sites described in the reading provides evidence for trade in some subsistence goods, and why is trade potentially important among sedentary communities? What sort of trade goods are preserved or not preserved in archaeological sites according to the text?