Mar 2 - Wenke 495 – 524 (Mesoamerica). Outline and draft of bibliography due.

An outline for your final paper with a draft of a 20 item bibliography are due on Friday. For the bibliography please follow the American Antiquity format. This includes in text citation as follows (Smith 2000: 30-40), and a bibliographical format as described here. Answer two of the following three questions in a two part question of 400 words. 1. Compare the use of monumental architecture in the Basin of Mexico and Monte Alban in Mesoamerica. 2. How did the ideological practices and projects of the Maya exact a price from the elite and also from the commoners? 3. Briefly summarize the effect of Maya (1) writing and (2) mathematics in terms of the development of complex political organization in the region. Interpret the role of these attributes of Maya civilization in terms of the relationships between commoners and elites.