Mar 9 - Wenke and Olszewski 549-559, Stanish 2001

The Stanish article didn't make it into the reader
Stanish, Charles, 2001. The Origin of State Societies in South America. In Annual Review of Anthropology, pp. 41. vol. 30.

Please answer two out of the following three questions. 1. Definitions of “state-level society” vary but based on the recent literature in the region you’re focusing on for your final paper when does “state level” society emerge? Compare the attributes of the earliest state in your region with those described by Stanish 2001 (be sure to read the Comparative section at the end of the article). Which two early Andean state phenomena described by Stanish most closely matches elements of state-level society in your region and why (if your regional focus is on the Andes then compare between three Andean cultures). 2. What was the role of long distance exchange in the Andean state formation based on discussion in Wenke and Olszewski? 3. How does the evidence of labor organization and monumental architecture provide insights into Preceramic, Initial Period, and Middle Horizon formation in the Andes?