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leftarrow Alberton Gorge is a popular stretch of whitewater on the Clark Fork river about 35 miles west of Missoula, Montana. This map is a general guide for kayakers and rafters to help them locate the rapids and the access points, as well as to provide ownership information on the lands on either bank of the river.

A portion of the Great ide Trail, a series of maps produced and distributed by Adventure Cycling. This route guides cyclists along primarily dirt roads in the Rocky Mountains all the way from Canada to Mexico. The design and text was done by Adventure Cycling. I was contracted to recreate most of the features on these route maps from various sources, the topography was derived from the 1:250k series DEM and then were converted to 
Postscript linework.

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Cambodia small leftarrow A map of Cambodia that was drawn for a geography book discussing the historic flooding of Tonle Sap Lake, located in the western half of the country.
A Pleistocene view of Missoula Valley. The drainage of the Clark Fork river was blocked by the continental ice sheet as it moved southward about 15,000 years ago. The lake formed by this ice dam, known as Glacial Lake Missoula, was approximately the size of modern Lake Ontario (500 cubic miles), and was up to 2000' deep. This lake drained in matter of days, releasing the greatest flood of known geologic record. Evidence in the scoured flats of eastern Washington indicate that the lake filled and drained at least 41 times.
For more information consult: Alt and Hyndman, "Roadside Geology of Montana".

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Heritage Map small
leftarrow A map depicting the small pits that were dug to test the extent of an archaeological site. Determining the size of archaeological sites is important for land-managing agencies so that they can establish protection for the described area. This map was submitted with a report to the US Forest Service.

A perspective view of the Beartooth Mountains in southern Montana that was intended for a hiker's guidebook to the region. The 3D view was developed from USGS topographic data, the area portrayed is about 100 miles wide.

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Cabin small leftarrow A map indicating the Tripp family cabin close to Echo Lake in the Sierra Nevada.

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